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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

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Terminator: Sand in the Gears (Part 2) Terminator
"Sand in the Gears" Part 2
Terminator: Salvation Movie Prequel #2 (IDW)
Written by Dara Naraghi
Pencil and inks by Alan Robinson
Cover A by Nick Runge, Retailer Incentive covers by Klaus Scherwinski

February 2009


Jackson finally agrees to aid the Resistance in order to avenge his family's death at the hands of Skynet.


Notes from the Terminator chronology


This mini-series takes place during the future war in 2018, shortly before the events of Salvation.


Didja Notice?


On page 2, the driver of the resistance pick-up says, "Come with us if you want to live, Jackson." Obviously, this is a variation on the perennial "Come with me if you want to live" line that has appeared in numerous Terminator stories since the original 1984 film.


On page 9, Elena tells Jackson that generals Ashdown and Losenko are going to be running an all-out assault on Skynet in a few weeks. This is a reference of events to come in Salvation, in which the two generals appear.


On page 10, Elena tells Jackson that Skynet took over an automobile plant there in Detroit years ago and has been churning out T-600s ever since. By "years" she must mean two, maybe three, years, since most of the (L.A.) resistance members see T-600s for the first time in 2016 in Machinima.


As the Terminators invade the Detroit resistance base on page 13, William tells Elena he set an EMP bomb to wipe out the remaining computers. EMP stands for "electromagnetic pulse", which can be used to damage or destroy most types of unshielded electronic devices.


On page 17, the pick-up truck driven by Keron appears to be a Ford sixth generation F-series model from around 1973.


On page 19, Yusuf has prepared a number of rocket-propelled grenades that can be launched from a standard RPG-7. The RPG-7 is a shoulder-launched anti-tank rocket launcher manufactured by the Russian company Bazalt since 1961.


On page 20, a Casca (sic) C-295 Spanish military tactical transport plane drops some special cargo to the resistance at In Guezzam, Algeria near the border with Niger. The Casa C-295 is a real world tactical transport plane manufactured by the Spanish company Airbus Defence and Space. The lat/long coordinates given for In Guezzam are roughly accurate.


In panel 3 of page 20, a few of the stars in the night sky are overlapping the hills in the distance!


On page 22, Bem appears to be wielding an AK-47 machine gun. The AK-47 is a Russian automatic rifle designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov in 1947.


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