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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

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"Tempest" Part 3
Terminator #3
Dark Horse
Writer: John Arcudi
Art: Chris Warner and Paul Guinan
Cover: Chris Warner
October 1990


The Terminators assist Dr. Hollister with his research for Project Bellerophon...and are surprised at what they find.


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Didja Notice?


On page 3, the Terminators have a pink Buick station wagon. Looks approximately like a 1958 model.


On page 5, panel 2, notice that Bart is making plastique pipe bombs in a manner similar to that used by Reese in The Terminator.


On page 6, Mary reveals Cyberdyne's Project Bellerophon to be the initiative that perfected artificial intelligence sometime before 1993, leading to Skynet. This project is not mentioned by name in the 1991 film Terminator 2: Judgment Day, but it may still be considered a precursor to Dr. Miles Dyson's work as portrayed in that film. On page 7, C890.L states to Dr. Hollister that he is "the most likely candidate to effectively design an artificial intelligence network," implying they are not absolutely positive it will be Hollister who does it. In "Tempest" Part 4, I825.M even declares that Hollister is not necessary so long as the Terminator debris remains available for study by any suitably educated person.


In this version of the Terminator timeline, it seems that the police picked up the remains of the Terminator destroyed by Reese and Sarah at the end of The Terminator as evidence. In addition, Dr. Hollister states that he does not know where the police found it, which suggests it may not have been at a Cyberdyne factory as hinted in Judgment Day (though the Judgment Day novelization states that Sarah crushed the Terminator at a factory of Kleinhaus Electronics and two employees, Greg Simmons and Jack Kroll, found the debris and made off with it in order to later found Cyberdyne themselves shortly after). Dr. Hollister states he only got to examine the debris for a short time before having to return it to police, but his current work on Project Bellerophon is based on the tests and notes he took while it was in his possession.


Page 10 depicts a Los Angeles police station, described as police headquarters on page 12. The same plaza is depicted in "The Enemy Within" Part 1 by a different artist, suggesting it's an actual location, but it does not appear to be Parker Center, which was the LAPD Headquarters from 1954-2009.


On page 16, Raul refers to the Terminator chasing him and his colleagues as craneo de acero. This is Spanish for "steel skull".


On page 19, C890.L takes off on Astin's motorcycle after the resistance house blows up. I guess Astin was in such a hurry to seek help from the resistance members he left his keys in the ignition. 


After C850.D steals the portable evidence locker form LAPD headquarters, the Terminators and Dr. Hollister open it, revealing the complete debris of the T-800 from The Terminator, including not just the arm (as seen in Judgment Day) but the flattened skull and many other parts.


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